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I’m Nicola and I am a Content Strategy & Social Media Consultant

I have been working in this space since 2010.

I can help answer business problems through branding, content storytelling and media planning across channels.

The way I work is to come up with the overall strategy that plays to research around audience insights. Finding your brand relevant purpose in their world, then break that down into stories to tell, pillars and then map that across the right channels. Physical, social, website, email and into full customer experience. Planning how it all activates through the full Marketing funnel from awareness to conversion and into loyalty.

To execute, I work with a team of trusted partners who can make my strategy into a high performance reality. From logo design, to facebook ads, seo, influencers or PR. I am wise enough to know that I can’t do it all myself, but have a partner that can help.

Brands I have recently worked with

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