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Do you or your team suffer from any of the following?

- Self doubt

- Self sabotage

- Excessive procrastination

- Fear of change

- Fear of being seen

- Fear of doing things differently

- Lack of creativity or innovation

We are living through strange times, the pace of change has never been faster, the opportunities given to us through technology never more vast, for many of us, the world we grew up and were educated in has become more dynamic than any of our teachers could have expected, while social media means our every move feels monitored and assessable by others, while we equally watch and consistently compare our progress and status, to those in our feeds.

It’s no wonder we can feel overwhelmed, that despite our talents and skills, we are too scared to put our ideas out there, to do something different. That despite the opportunities we have, we feel stuck, or choose to play it safe.

The key to success is to understand uncertainty is the new norm, to embrace our own vulnerability, to practice sitting in emotional discomfort to bring our ideas and dreams to life.

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Who we are

Led by Nicola Swankie, a pioneer and innovator of in the Australian Social Media Industry, who, over the last 5 years has been on a personal journey of discover to understand the blend of technological innovation and human resistance after being scarred by her own success. Supported by a network of the wisest souls she met along her journey. A team built with a remote and flexible working ethos, enabled by digital but brought together through likeminded emotional connection.


“ For us, the net result was highly motivated and productive teams and a new era of open communication that underpinned our agile methodology." Zoe Eaton, Former CEO, I Quit Sugar

“Often strategists create a lot of analytic hot air with no actionable next steps - Nicola is all about the outcome. Fast thinking, CX-centric and a fantastic attitude to boot.”

Ed Crouch, GM, Lavender

"After only one session with Nicola, I felt comfortable in sharing my vulnerable feelings and thoughts. This honesty was so important for me to be able to really understand myself and allowed me to get so much out of the sessions"

Tara, Individual Client